Double-Bearing Pro Adjustable Ball Differential Kit

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This is the latest in differential technology for the 1/28 scale.

Unlike conventional adjustable ball bearing differentials, this differential utilizes

a thrust bearing to control axial loads. This makes the distribution of power to

each wheel more precise, providing a smoother throttle feel and a more

consistent driving experience.


- High Quality Thrust bearing made in Japan

- ABEC 5 radial bearings

- Silicon Nitride Ceramic Grade 5 balls

- no more e-clip required! this differential uses a special threaded nut. This allows you to keep the same settings you had before cleaning/taking apart the differential unlike traditional ball diffs which will require losing your setting. The special nut requires a rim with an inner diameter hole of at least 4.5mm with 5mm recommended. If you have rims that are smaller, just drill them out OR get our "Slim Version" special nut.

- Axle is 2mm wider per side than a regular ball diff making it the same length as a LM diff but fits into a regular motor mount. Lower offset wheels offer reduced flex and rim deflection giving you more consistent handling 

- comes with a set of precision injected molded Delrin 64 pitch gears and pinions

    52, 53, 54 Tooth Spurs

    9, 10, 11, 12 Tooth Pinions

- titanium coated D-cut washers (compatible with PN Racing differentials)

- 304 stainless steel precision cut shaft

- T7075 anodized aluminum parts

For any wide width 2WD 1/28 chassis

Compatible with Kyosho MR-03, GL Racing GLR/GT, Atomic MRZ

Designed in Canada, Made in China


Packaged kit weight: 20.68 grams





ABEC 5 等级轴承

-氮化陶瓷球 G5等级


-差速器带有一整套高精度赛钢 64 P齿轮组

    525354 三种大齿

    9101112 四种马达齿




这款差速器适合所有2WD后区宽体 1/28比例车架

兼容Kyosho MR03 GL Racing GLRGT Atomic MRZ